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Abrasive Wheels Training

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Abrasive Wheel Course

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Who are the Abrasive Wheel Courses suitable for?

People who select & mount abrasive wheels, as in angle grinders, con-saws, bench grinders and chop saws.

The Abrasive Wheel Course structure.

This newly designed abrasive wheel course is available online and consists of two parts. Part one covers the essential theory that you need to know. Part two consists of a practical part. You need to select and mount abrasive wheels. The practical part can also be completed online. That means you can complete part of it at home with a computer, or tablet.

This course can be taken by a person in any part of Ireland. The course is in English so, you need a good grasp of English. Kerry, Tralee, Killarney, Dingle, Listowel,  Cork, Macroom, Limerick, Abbeyfeale, Clare, Dublin, Galway.

Worker cutting metal with grinder. Sparks while grinding iron

Course Content

  • Importance of training when selecting and mounting abrasive wheels.
  • General duty of the Employer.
  • General duty of employees.
  • The Common Law and The Health and Safety at work Act 2005.
  • Abrasive Wheel Regulations, (2016 Regulations)
  • Examples of what can go wrong when an incorrect wheel is selected.
  •  How to avoid accidents from incorrectly mounting Abrasive Wheels.
  • How to select an abrasive wheel and why care is required.
  • Blotters, expiry dates of wheels, the ring test and how to dress an abrasive wheel.
  • What  markings on abrasive wheels indicate.
  • Why to, and how to measure spindle speeds.
  • Current legal situation in Ireland.
  • Types of PPE. (personal protective equipment)
  • Safety checks.(pre use & post use)
  • How & why to protect your lungs from dust
  • Noise, and Vibration, CE and B.S. markings
worker polishing and cutting metal with angle grinder, power tool used for cutting, grinding and polishing